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4 Wheel Fury 2

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How to play
Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to control your quad bike: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. You can toggle the view with the 1 and 2 Number Keys, and can remove the course map by pressing the M Key. There are Red and Blue Ribbons dotted along the circuit collect these for extra points bonuses. Keep an eye out for Lightning Bolt Power-ups. Come into contact with one of these to give your ATV a huge burst of speed. Enjoy!

This wild racing challenge is made all the more difficult by the tricky, slippery weather conditions. You need to exhibit expert cornering, good vehicle control, and an ability for stunning overtaking maneuvers if you want to win the race, and score big. Your opponent is no slouch, so even the slightest driving mistake could leave you eating dirt while he zooms off into the horizon. Try to keep a cool head as you navigate the many winding turns, steep humps, and sudden drops. The authentic 3D graphics are very sharp, and transport you right into the thick of the fast-paced racing action. This is the perfect opportunity to show the dirt biking world that a new ATV Star has arrived!

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